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Textile & Surface Pattern Designer


Composite image of pattern swatches and mock ups bearing Kaprichosa Designs patterns.  © Natalie Zeller

For full access to my licensing portfolio please contact me to request the access code

Hi there,

Image of Surface Pattern Designer Kaprichosa Designs

I am Natalie, the illustrator and designer of all the pattern-ey goodness at Kaprichosa Designs.

Drawing on the ethno-culturally diverse roots of my Caribbean heritage, my work reflects the color and texture that make up the  unique mix of cultures in me.

Add to that my deep appreciation of the Aussie bush land where I live and work, in the green and leafy north west of Sydney, and the result is unique floral and paisley, bohemian style patterns that work equally well for fashion, home wares, stationery and more.

I am available for collaborations or commissions and my patterns are available for licensing.

A Sneak Peek at some of my co-ordinates...

For full access to my licensing portfolio please contact me to request the access code

You're invited


Let's make something gorgeous!

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Custom Design

Need some stand-out designs made exclusively for your products? I will work with you to develop the perfect pattern or placement design to fit exactly with your vision and bring your idea to life.

Let's talk and make it happen.


textile selection1 Kaprichosa Designs


Exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options are availablle on a range of collections and one off designs.

To gain access to the full library, please contact me using the button below.


stationery-Imaginarium patterns

Kaprichosa Products.

Kaprichosa produces a small exclusive range of  phone case, scarves, bags and gift ware that you may want to consider stocking in your store.

Click the button below to contact me and make it happen.



My designs offer a modern interpretation of historic techniques, florals, and paisleys.

Characterized by stylized ornamental motifs, layered into intricate creations, with a rich depth of texture and colour, each pattern is a contemporary story, offering something new, inspired by something traditional.

I am inspired by the tiny details in the florals and foliage of nature, that arrange themselves into complex but fluid rhythms to create incredibly beautiful larger landscapes.


There is a music and magic in that, I find mesmerising. I don't try to replicate it, but I allow the feeling to pervade my designs as I work.


I especially love the way the patterns coordinate together to create an eclectic bohemian style.

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