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About Me

Based in Sydney Australia, but hailing originally from The Caribbean, I am a graphic designer with a long history as a professional dancer, only coming to Graphic Design later in life, as a second career.


I stumbled upon the world of Surface Pattern Design while doing the Illustration unit  of my Graphic Design Course. It’s taken a while to come to the realisation that this branch of design, to which I turn for enjoyment, is actually the thing I’d been looking for all these years. But now that I have,  it is my energiser and motivation and also my my haven of peace.


I feel like the universe is rolling it’s eyes at me saying“…well finally Natalie, it took you long enough!”


Design and illustration give me relief from the manic pace of modern life and all those boring daily responsibilities.

Any busy Mum out there will appreciate how many hats one has to change into each day. Design is my daily meditation and sanity, but if along the way I can create something special that resonates with someone and gives them joy, then I feel truly blessed.

About Kaprichosa

The word Kaprichosa is one that I made up to describe something for which there seems to be no adequate word in the English language.

Kaprichosa describes the way that tiny pieces come together in nature to create something bigger than themselves. There is a kind of magic in that to me. It’s evident in plants, animals, science, the universe, our planet, our families, and communities and just about everything worthwhile on the planet.

It’s about each tiny piece being the best version of itself and all coming together to create a kind of rhythmic harmony.

Its where music and rhythm, flavours and colour and all the things I love converge. It’s the thing that makes me feel like I’m a part of it and that my contribution matters. There’s no word in English that I know of that quite hits that mark – so I made one up!

Kaprichosa is now an adjective for me and my family. My kids now use it to describe any items that they think I might like. “...That’s so Kaprichosa Mum!”

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